Saturday, November 3, 2007

Want my Goodies?

Today's theme is "Things that suck that I use anyway" (see below), and this entry is about packaged food. Theoretically, I try not to use it. It's usually full of sodium, sugar, refined grains, saturated fat, and corporate corruption, all of which I avoid. Making food from scratch is usually better for you and better for the planet--plus, it's a lot more interesting and fun.

But I admit, I'm neither perfect nor perfectly healthy, and sometimes, I fall victim to the pretty, shiny tetrapacks on the shelves of my favorite health food store. And sometimes, who can resist? Also, another confession: Tofutti (among other companies) can do things I can't. There. I said it. So, while I try to use packaged food sparingly, here are some that I really enjoy, despite my guilty conscience:
Tofutti cream cheese. It doesn't taste exactly like cream cheese--it's really, truly better! I like to add a spoonful to roasted red pepper soup (recipe coming soon!), and it's the only thing I can think to use to make vegan clotted cream.
Chocolate Chai Rice Dream. 'Nuff said. Okay, actually, not quite enough said: rather than drinking it all in one sitting (tempting!), try using it in place of soymilk in your favorite tea.
Nayonaise. Yeah, I like it. What you gonna do about it, hmm?Vitasoy Green Tea Soymilk. Okay, now I'm cheating, because this is currently sitting unopened in my cupboard (I have to finish the Rice Dream Chocolate Chai before there's room for it in the fridge), but I do have high expectations. I mean, it's green tea! And soymilk! And sweetened! Plus, it's a really pretty shade of green.


Celine said...

Nayonaise is my favorite too! and I'm so sad we can only find hydrogenated Tofutti over here.
awesome blog, I'm adding it to my list illico presto.

Carla said...

Love it! I consider things like this as "treats" or for when I'm feeling too lazy to make things from scratch, and to be honest I only usually buy them on sale. They can be lifesavers in a pinch!