Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vegan MoFo: Trying a new vegetable

I actually didn't intentionally do this for Vegan MoFo: I wanted to make salt and pepper tofu with bean sprouts on the side, but when I went to buy food, my grocery store was out of bean sprouts. They had some nice-looking daikons, though, and since they seemed basically to be bendy white carrots, I tossed one in my basket.

When I got it home, though, I realized that it was more than a pale carrot with impressive flexibility. It was softer, and it looked like it was growing hair. Apparently, it's a radish (or some scoundrel on Wikipedia is lying to me), which is a vegetable I've actually never never used at all (any variety). I wanted to be able to taste the veggie itself, and not just whatever sauce I could smother it in, so I decided to keep the prep simple--I peeled it like a carrot, and sauteed it in garlic and oil. I know, I know that it barely counts as prep at all, but the simple, mild taste of the daikon was the perfect counterpoint to my (unsurprisingly) salty tofu. I made a double portion, and I'm so eating the same thing for lunch tomorrow. Yum.

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