Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vegan MoFo: Vegan Karma

At risk of sounding majorly idealistic (and just dumb), I must admit that I'm beginning to believe in vegan karma. If you truly want something but aren't willing to deviate from your diet, the universe will provide! After I wrote about my vegan clotted cream, commentators here on the blog and on the PPK forums said that they had wanted clotted cream sometime since becoming vegan. Recently, I've been at a few restaurants where I used to order creme brulee for dessert (yes, I know that's a lot of saturated fat. Shut up, it tasted good), and I was just thinking earlier about how much I would love to find a vegan version when I stumbled upon two in one day, including this one! Yea, if ye shall be faithful vegans, the universe will provide!

Well, maybe not exactly, but I do really love that vegandom imparts a sense of community. Is that a dumb thing to say? Well, dumb or not, it's accurate--the fact that the vegans of the world can't just go to any local French cafe and order a creme brulee aside their cafe au (soy) lait provides quite the impetus for vegans of the world to get together and share what they know. It's like the cultural feminism of the food world, but reasonable, realistic, and non-essentialized!

Alright, that sentence is a sign that I need to be doing school work, not Vegan MoFo. But I'm still glad for Vegan MoFo, because it makes me believe, as I suggested, that the (vegans of the) universe will guide us to find what we want.

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