Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vegan MoFo: This is such college food.

I love peanut butter. Who doesn't? But that's a silly thing to say--it's completely obvious, because everyone loves peanut butter. My peanut butter dilemma, however, probably isn't universal, but I bet some of you can sympathize. I have no bread in the house whatsoever. I'm cutting down on refined grains, and my intense love of couscous and pasta don't leave any
room for bread. I occasionally use peanut butter for sauces and dressings, so I always have some, but see, it was getting lonely. It just wasn't getting enough attention. I always have some jelly on hand for when I have my friends over for tea (shut up. It's fun), but unless were to cave and get bread, how could the two meet? And even if had caved and get bread--it would have been an entire loaf of bread! Unacceptable! All the non-pasta grain must be barley, rice, oatmeal, or quinoa, so help me God! Hey... hold on a second here... oatmeal!

And so, history was made. And it was goooood.


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CinnaZimt said...

That's what bagels are great for. You can eat half at a time, keep the rest in the freezer, and only buy them one or six at a time.